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Early-Out Program
Successful early-out support is not just about recovering the money, it is also about serving as an extension of your office staff. We believe that we are patient advocates and can serve a vital role in explaining to patients about their bill, discuss their eligibility for third party coverage, and listen to other issues they have regarding their stay or service at the clinic/hospital in a patient-friendly manner.

Pre-Collect Program
Our Pre-Collect program is designed for those clients who prefer a less confrontational approach in order to motivate a patient to pay their bill before it requires more conventional collection methods.

Pre-Collect Plus
Our Pre-Collection Plus consists of not only a series of pre-collect letters, but also includes automated outbound messaging calls to the patient. Unlike conventional collection fees, this is a lower-cost commission and/or a flat-rate program with no up-front fees or additional costs.

Time Payment Plan
Our Time Payment Plan is a convenient and effective way for patients to pay their medical bill in monthly installments. The payment schedule can range from two to thirty-six months, depending on the amount due and the patient's financial situation. We will work with the patient to provide arrangements to meet their needs.

Insurance Follow-up
This program will keep you current with your unpaid claims and keep your patients informed to the status of their insurance claim.

Medical Collections
Our collection procedures follow a multi-step process that allows for the most effective collection of payment. Starting with Placement, all accounts will be entered into our system and the initial collection notice sent within 48 hours of receipt. Follow-up takes place 30 days after the first notice is sent, as directed by the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, and second letter is sent. After 30 days, the collector will receive the account for telephone contact.

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